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WatchDogTM Data Protection

With all of the recent disasters around the world, especially along the Gulf of Mexico, disaster planning, disaster recovery, data security and business continuation have become very familiar terms.   We all hope that day never comes but you have to ask yourself, can my business survive a disaster?  


Secure data protection is essential to every business.   Reliable backup services are critical to business continuation after a disaster.   The WebWare team knows how important this is to your business so we have created the WebWare WatchDog Service.    The WatchDog Service provides secure data protection with automatic or scheduled archiving and backup services.   The service copies data to our secure data center using your high-speed Internet connection during off-hours.    Our specialized software provides a high level of data encryption to secure and protect your data while it is in transit to our center.   Finally, our WatchDog is always on the job, guarding your data, monitoring the process and reporting any problems to the WebWare Team. 

The goal of the WebWare WatchDog is to protect your critical data.    We have many years of experience in this industry and know the importance of disaster planning.    We have helped many companies plan and prepare for the unexpected.   We have also worked with several companies to recover from disasters to get their business up and running as quickly as possible.

Are you ready for peace of mind and worry free data protection?  Let us put our WatchDog to work for you!

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 WebWare WatchDog™ - Data Protection